Sunday, 11 October 2009

Indent Research

Idents That Have Influenced My Work

Here is my favourite ident that I have found. It is for an animation, motion graphics and VFX company called Once Were Farmers. Below is a link to their website.

I have always liked the style of the British Gas advert below.

I also like the style of the Angela Anaconda animation

Here is a link to a video about how it was made:
How Angela Anaconda was made

Other Liked Idents

I am very interested in the next two idents (below) for the Kerrang music channel because of the animation style and I am also going to make one of my animations about a Portuguese fisherman in a quiet background.

I really like all of the MTV idents below and the way that, when they are played, the letters form themselves from things that are lying about in the background of the scene.

In this famous channel 4 ident below I like the way that two idents makes the "4" light up by Homer drinking from a can of beer balanced on the electricity cable.
Another thing that impresses me about it, is the way that the camera moves from Homer to the sky, looking down onto the houses, where the number 4 lights up as he drinks.

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