Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Storyboards and Notes

Storyboards and Ideas

Here I have included my spider diagrams and the storyboards that I made. I did storyboards for my five best ideas and then I chose my three favourite of those to use for the assignment as I am doing three ten-second idents. I wanted my idents to be ten seconds so I could tell a short story as well as showing Portugal. I will animate them all in 2D on Flash. I would also like to include photos in all the animations because I feel that as it is an ident for a company that is attracting tourists to go to Portugal, the country has to be shown.

In this page I have included spider diagrams of ideas that I have had that I would think about using for my Portugal ident.
The other diagram that I have included on the page is for traditional and historic items and places as I believe that will be helpful when designing my idents.

In this ident I have chosen for a man to be in a tram in Lisbon and I am using a video of the famous route No.28 in the background behind the window. The tram will be going over bumps (the characters and items in the tram will be moving around) When the tram stops the character will walk out to the exit and then the famous landmark "Torre de Belem" will be in the background and the character will take a breath of fresh air as he is pleased to see a beautiful site in Portugal. As he makes the breath he will lift his arms up and then morph into the logo for Turismo de Portugal as the logo is in the same position.

In this ident's animation there is a Portuguese fisherman who is asleep in his boat holding his fishing rod. Then there is some pulling on the end of the rod which wakes the fisherman up .
He then starts reeling the line and pulls it back to discover that a picture of Portugal is on the end (the picture inside the frame keeps changing). The picture then heads towards you. A character shown in the photo then morphs into the logo.

This ident is set on a beach and a crab wa,nders across from off the screen on the left. He then waves and turns around and digs a framed picture (that changes) with each claw and he throws them backwards towards the viewer. The last picture that is shown, I want to morph into the Turismo de Portugal's logo character.

In this ident there is a golfer, as the Algarve in Portugal is well known as a golfing holiday destination. He is bending down ready to take his shot and then he hits the ball across and the viewers are shown the golf ball heading towards the hole. The ball then unexpectedly hits into a sheet of glass (which shows the golf course through it) and the glass shatters to show lots of pictures of Portugal behind it. NB It is not obvious that it is glass until it breaks. The pictures then all turn around in a circle to show the Turismo de Portugal logo.

This ident shows Portuguese folk dancers, dancing in lots of their traditional ways (written on side of storyboard). Photos of the area of Portugal that the traditional dance is from will show in the background of the animation. A dance would be used from each of the most popular places in Portugal e.g. Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve. (as shown on the storyboard). Then at the end, a male dancer would be shown with his arms up in the often-used position for Portuguese dances and then that would morph into the Turismo de Portugal logo as that charcter's arms are shown in the same place.

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