Monday, 7 December 2009

Finalised Idents

Some more comments after uploading my idents:

The version above is not the final version as I made a change to the sound after I uploaded this one.

I changed the positions of the camera when the character is at the door exiting the tram as I had some recommendations to make what he is doing clearer.
I would have liked to have made a couple more small changes. One is at end of the ident when the logo character is morphing into the official logo. His feet would not stand out, if I had put him in a higher layer on Flash than the official logo's layer. Another small change I could have made is again when the character is morphing. I notice that at one point he looks different to how he did earlier on when he is morphing. It was caused by part of the character being rubbed out by mistake when a screen shot of him was being used for the morphing.

One more change that I would have liked to have made to this ident is that at a couple of points I have noticed lines on the fisherman's face that aren't meant to be there.

I am pleased with this ident but I would like to clean it up a bit in the future.

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