Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Animation Backgrounds

Here are my backgrounds for my ident animations. I have now chosen my three favourite storyboard ideas and I will make them 10 seconds long instead of 5 seconds.

I am quite pleased with this background but not as much as the next two. I plan to have the sea moving about in my animation and I would also like the clouds to move to one side.

I really like the boat and its background for the ident. I am again going to make the clouds and the sea move in Flash.

I am pleased with this ident's background and I am now thinking that a video that was recorded whilst on a tram in Lisbon may be better to use for outside of the tram than a photo of a street in Lisbon. As well as the character of this ident, there are some things that I want to add into the tram when I am working in Flash. They are: some metal poles at the side, some handrails, users of the tram and chairs that they are sitting on.

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