Thursday, 29 October 2009


Opinions passed across to me in my formative by Steve and the group also being assessed 
  • change character 
Steve and the rest of the group thought that I should change the character of my tram ident idea to the Turismo de Portugal logo character. I do agree with this. A suggestion was also made though to do the same in all of the idents that I use. I am not sure about this because, after hearing people's verdicts on which ident ideas were the best, I am going to use the crab idea (which wouldn't work using the logo)
  • In fisherman ident, do not include dark weather at start
I was not sure that I wanted to take this out at first because the dark weather start, changing to sunny when Portugal picture appears, seemed a good idea to me. On reflection I decided that the dark sky could show Portugal in a bad light (tee he he :) ) So I took it out
  • do not use dancer idea in my final three idents as it would take too long 
I thought that this was good advice and it wasn't my favourite ident anyway!

I found the formative advice really helpful (what a creep I am lol)

Final three chosen ident ideas


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